Waste Management & Recycling Centre

Processing of waste, disposal, and recycling in Sydney

Sustainable Waste Disposal

Sydney’s Professional Recycling Centre

Recycling helps protect the environment and we at Austip Recycling have committed to social obligations and responsibility to create sustainable waste disposal & management solutions for all our clients. Our process of recycling is quite simple, we recycle used materials into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources. As we all know to make a new product from fresh, raw materials are extracted from the earth through mining and forestry which negatively impacts the environment.

The services at Austip’s Recycling Centre include:

  • Processing
  • Separation
  • Recycling
  • Disposal

As per the statistics, there are over 200 landfill sites in Australia, and these sites produced a quarter of the Australian emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Through recycling, we can preserve vital raw materials and protect natural habitats for the future. As a result, we send less rubbish to landfill sites.

Why Austip's Recycling Centre?

Innovative Waste Management

Austip Recycling is an innovative waste management and recycling centre with a dry landfill located in Riverstone, Sydney.

Efficient Recycling Facilities

We offer a range of efficient and economical recycling facilities to keep the environment as safe and green as possible.

High Working Standards

Our high-quality working standards and competitive pricing make us one of the best in the business.

Discuss Your Waste Management & Recycling Centre Requirements

If you would like to know more about the waste management and recycling services we provide in Sydney, please call us today on (02) 7204 1000. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide all the information you need to make the right decision.

Operating Hours

Mon-Fri: 7:00-18:00
Sat: 8:00-14:00
Sun: Closed
Public Holidays: Closed

Acceptable Waste at our Recycling Centre

Please see the different waste types below accepted at our recycling centre. For more information, contact us today, we are ready to take your booking.


  • Building Material
  • VENM
  • ENM
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Bricks

Not Acceptable

  • Asbestos (not acceptable)
  • Chemicals (not acceptable)